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Phone: (401) 421 2600
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We love everything here. Thank you for taking food allergies so seriously! :)

Date: July 2 2015 7:00 PM - Customer Name: Kristina - Customer City: Cranston

Great service thank you!

Date: June 28 2015 8:20 PM - Customer Name: Ravikiran - Customer City: Boston

Everything was fantastic. We will be back!!

Date: June 23 2015 6:15 PM – Customer City: Pawtucket/Providence

Our server was wonderful and patient! We came with two young kids and she was really great! Thank you!

Date: June 20 2015 7:00 PM - Customer Name: Lauran Anderson - Customer City: Norton, MA

Build one in Narragansett!

Date: June 1 2015 4:45 PM - Customer Name: Bruce Andrews - Customer City: Narragansett

Keep making fresh food!

Date: June 1 2015 2:45 PM - Customer Name: Janet - Customer City: Providence

Never ever had a complaint! But our best visits the buffet of course!

Date: May 29 2015 7:30 PM - Customer City: Cranston

Excellent services.

Date: May 26 2015 8:30 PM - Customer City: Washington DC

Everything was perfect!

Date: May 26 2015 6:00 PM - Customer Name: Megan - Customer City: Newport

Keep vindaloo as part of the buffet selection.

Date: May 26 2015 2:45 PM Customer Name: Rafael - Customer City: West Warwick

Server was very pleasant. Very satisfied. Thank you!

Date: May 23 2015 7:10 PM

The food was very good and the waitress was super nice and efficient. We love India, but we're short on cash right now, due to a lay-off, so we were very happy to be able to get a gift certificate from

Validation Date: Nov 2 2014 4:23 PM - Comment Date: Nov 3 2014 2:34 PM - Customer Email:

Food was excellent as always. Service a bit slow last night.

Validation Date: Oct 20 2014 10:07 PM - Comment Date: Oct 20 2014 11:41 AM - Customer Name: DIANE FINLAY - Customer City: PAWTUCKET

This is a wonderful restaurant with great ambiance, great food and great service!

Validation Date: Oct 14 2014 5:19 PM - Comment Date: Oct 14 2014 7:22 PM - Customer Name: - Customer City: Attleboro

Food very fresh, always comes out exactly like it says on menu

Validation Date: Sep 29 2014 2:16 PM - Comment Date: Sep 29 2014 6:51 PM - Customer Email:

loved the service, belly dancer and free henna tattos

Validation Date: Sep 7 2014 4:35 PM - Comment Date: Sep 8 2014 5 PM - Customer Name: Robyn Ladouceur

Cannot say enough about the friendliness of the staff. Every single time. It's just part of the reason that keeps us going back.

Validation Date: Sep 2 2014 8:08 PM - Comment Date: Sep 3 2014 6:11 AM - Customer Name: Dawn Keable - Customer City: Providence

Love the pet friendly dining! all the food was excellent

Validation Date: Aug 29 2014 7:19 PM - Comment Date: Aug 29 2014 8:07 PM - Customer Name: sybil miles

We love coming here. The food is always amazing and the atmosphere is just wonderful! Love the swings in the back patio!

Validation Date: Jul 30 2014 7:19 PM - Comment Date: Jul 31 2014 7:18 AM - Customer Name: Diane Finlay - Customer Email: - Customer City: Pawtucket

Delicious food. Prompt service. Gorgeous outdoor seating area. The swing style seats in their back outdoor seating are fun.

Validation Date: Jul 25 2014 6:36 PM - Comment Date: Jul 28 2014 6:48 AM - Customer Name: Kathrine Wunderli-bastian - Customer Email: - Customer City:

Service was excellent, food was fabulous and we sat outside on a beautiful day which made it even more enjoyable.

Validation Date: Jul 20 2014 5:15 PM - Comment Date: Jul 21 2014 8:09 AM - Customer Name: Provided by PayPal - Customer Email: - Customer City: Provided by PayPal

Cleanliness was good. Waitress was attentive. Food was delicious.

Validation Date: Jul 10 2014 7:37 PM - Comment Date: Jul 10 2014 8:40 PM - Customer Name: Yasmin Saleem - Customer Email: - Customer City: Plainville

Great food, service and ambiance! Love the back patio and swings!

Validation Date: Jul 3 2014 8:10 PM - Comment Date: Jul 9 2014 9:38 AM - Customer Name: Deborah G. Peterson - Customer Email: - Customer City: Riverside

Loved the food, its quality, freshness, ambiance and Tita may the afternoon a great experience.

Validation Date: Jun 15 2014 5:21 PM - Comment Date: Jun 15 2014 9:15 PM - Customer Name: David Jurado - Customer Email: - Customer City:

Food and waitstaff were excellent

Validation Date: Jun 1 2014 12:40 PM - Comment Date: Jun 1 2014 6:29 PM - Customer Name: Patrick R Creamer - Customer Email: - Customer City: Cumberland

Food was very pleasant tasting, nice variety and prices reasonable.

Validation Date: May 31 2014 8:03 PM - Comment Date: Jun 1 2014 9:34 PM - Customer Name: Gary Vessella - Customer Email: - Customer City:

As always great food and service

Validation Date: May 30 2014 1:02 PM - Comment Date: May 30 2014 6 PM - Customer Name: Linda L. Thibeault - Customer Email: - Customer City: Cranston

The service was fast,polite, pleasant friendly

Validation Date: May 23 2014 5:28 PM - Comment Date: May 23 2014 6:53 PM - Customer Name: Brenda Alvarez - Customer Email: - Customer City:

We love this place! Best duck dish ever, and all other food items delicious as well. We love eating out in the gardens in back. India has done a great job with creating a wonderful outdoor eating venue, complete with swings and fountains.

Validation Date: May 17 2014 7:57 PM - Comment Date: May 18 2014 7:32 AM - Customer Name: Diane Finlay - Customer Email: - Customer City: Pawtucket

Food came out really fast given the number of people there. The tables were a little close together, almost awkwardly so, but beautiful decor. And big portions, delicious!

Validation Date: Mar 29 2014 8:36 PM - Comment Date: Mar 31 2014 6:56 PM - Customer Name: Alex Clavelle - Customer Email: - Customer City:

As usual food was delish!

Validation Date: Mar 23 2014 6:01 PM - Comment Date: Mar 23 2014 7:42 PM - Customer Name: Karen Schnabel - Customer Email: - Customer City:

It have been and is always a wonderful place to have dinner

Validation Date: Mar 21 2014 6:35 PM - Comment Date: Mar 21 2014 8:24 PM - Customer Name: Harold Figueira - Customer Email: - Customer City: Rehoboth

Excellent service. Great environment.

Validation Date: Mar 8 2014 6:25 PM - Comment Date: Mar 9 2014 9:34 AM - Customer Name: Dorothy Hendrickson - Customer Email: - Customer City: Warwick

Love the food, ambiance, and service. We have been coming here for several years since our India restaurant closed in East Greenwich. It is consistently good and never disappoints. I wish they were closer so we could come more often.

Validation Date: Mar 6 2014 5:37 PM - Comment Date: Mar 6 2014 7:57 PM - Customer Name: Angela B Stone - Customer Email: - Customer City: East Greenwich

We do often dine at India and the experience is always very good.

Validation Date: Feb 26 2014 6:33 PM - Comment Date: Feb 27 2014 12:36 PM - Customer Name: Fran Brelsford - Customer Email: - Customer City: Riverside

Atmosphere is great and food is excellent. Staff is very helpful and friendly.

Validation Date: Feb 26 2014 6:55 PM - Comment Date: Feb 27 2014 9:49 AM - Customer Name: Beth Smith - Customer Email: - Customer City:

Great atmosphere! We made reservations, they gave us a corner both, it was private and very special. Great pace with food being served and a lot to chose from!!

Validation Date: Feb 26 2014 7:25 PM - Comment Date: Feb 26 2014 8:51 PM - Customer Name: Jennifer Bento - Customer Email: - Customer City: Providence

Great atmosphere. The waitress was very friendly and so helpful with the menu.

Validation Date: Feb 22 2014 5:05 PM - Comment Date: Feb 22 2014 6:14 PM - Customer Name: Christie Lee Colvin - Customer Email: - Customer City: Cumberland

food is served hot portions of wraps are hugh

Comment Date: Feb 8 2014 6:26 AM - Customer Name: Gerald Newsham - Customer Email:

ambience- food

Validation Date: Feb 1 2014 7:27 PM - Comment Date: Feb 2 2014 8:41 AM - Customer Name: Nancy A Murray - Customer Email: - Customer City: Pawtucket

The best fresh food!

Comment Date: Jan 25 2014 7:13 AM - Customer Name: Lori Grayson - Customer Email:

My boyfriend loved the entertainment.

Comment Date: Jan 19 2014 11:35 AM - Customer Name: sarah castore - Customer Email:

Excellent! We come here frequently and always enjoy it. I particularly recommend the grilled vegetable platter and the giant margaritas.

Comment Date: Jan 16 2014 7:38 PM - Customer Name: Caleb Martin - Customer Email:

The food was fresh and very enjoyable, one person in our party was not a fan of Indian food therefore the resturant made all her requests very plain per her request. The meal was topped off by a free dessert for the entire table. There was a mix up with my coupon and another party, once I noticed the error the management was quick to resolve the error without any drama. Can't wait to go back

Comment Date: Jan 13 2014 1:34 PM - Customer Name: darlene richardson - Customer Email:

They had the buffet today, which I wasn't expecting. The server did a great job going above and beyond, even with the buffet, to cater to my food allergies (gluten and dairy free). Awesome job!

Comment Date: Jan 11 2014 3:47 PM - Customer Name: Angela Cheatham - Customer Email:

Such a great server, we had a great night out.

Comment Date: Jan 6 2014 10:36 PM - Customer Name: Provided by PayPal - Customer Email:

First time eating Indian food. Interesting flavors and mixture of food types. Restaurant was excellent. We really had wonderful service, food was good and atmosphere was wonderful. Music in the background, lovely seating areas, overall a hit and we will return.

Comment Date: Jan 6 2014 7:21 AM - Customer Name: Melanie Oliveira - Customer Email:

Seating in private fireplace area was warm and enchanting. Server was always attentive .food was cooked perfectly and delicious.

Comment Date: Jan 5 2014 5:20 PM - Customer Name: Anita Demers - Customer Email:

We had a wonderful time! Food was EXCELLANT! Our waiter was VERY attentive... Great ambiance... Belly dancer a great touch for entertainment! :)

Validation Date: Sep 21 2013 6:57 PM - Comment Date: Sep 22 2013 8:20 AM - Customer Name: ALICE MEDEIROS - Customer Email: - Customer City: EAST TAUNTON

Love the food and atmosphere. Service is good.

Validation Date: Sep 21 2013 3:58 PM - Comment Date: Sep 22 2013 2:32 PM - Customer Name: Carolyn Urban - Customer Email: - Customer City:

Server was very good, food great.

Validation Date: Sep 13 2013 9:09 PM - Comment Date: Sep 14 2013 2:21 PM - Customer Name: Fran Brelsford - Customer Email: - Customer City: Riverside

No fried food. All healthy, clean, well cooked, persented with pride. Very well located. Waitress was beautiful, very approachable and nice. We ate outside. The ambiance of the place inside and out is just fantastic.

Validation Date: Sep 11 2013 7:21 PM - Comment Date: Sep 12 2013 7:48 AM - Customer Name: David Jurado - Customer Email: - Customer City:

Loved sitting in the beautiful garden. The food is always delicious!

Validation Date: Sep 7 2013 5:07 PM - Comment Date: Sep 8 2013 5:47 PM - Customer Name: Sandra Garcia - Customer Email: - Customer City: Slatersville

I love the food and wonderful decor at this restaurant! Always an excellent experience. Thank you

Validation Date: Oct 14 2013 5:41 PM - Comment Date: Oct 21 2013 12:28 AM - Customer Name:   -    Customer Email: - Customer City: Attleboro

waitress was nice and well on point as far as the waiting time and the mannerism of the waitress was excellet

Validation Date: Oct 17 2013 8:30 PM - Comment Date: Oct 17 2013 10:04 PM - Customer Name: RODNY - Customer Email: - Customer City: BROCKTON

the tastes and tastes thing about India is it the Food is totally consistent, every time you go it tastes the samE. they are extremely meticulous looksaration and tastes delicious

Validation Date: Oct 14 2013 8:31 PM - Comment Date: Oct 15 2013 8:33 AM - Customer Name: Provided by PayPal - Customer Email: - Customer City: Provided by PayPal

The food was wonderful, as it always is at this restaurant. The service is also above average.

Validation Date: Oct 6 2013 4:06 PM - Comment Date: Oct 6 2013 9:35 PM - Customer Name: John Masson - Customer Email: - Customer City: New Bedford

Food and service are great

Validation Date: Nov 11 2013 6:07 PM - Comment Date: Nov 12 2013 6:35 PM - Customer Name: Lynn Pohl - Customer Email: - Customer City: Providence

Food and service are great

Validation Date: Nov 11 2013 6:07 PM - Comment Date: Nov 12 2013 6:33 PM - Customer Name: Lynn Pohl - Customer Email: - Customer City: Providence

the food was very good and the atmosphere was excellent.

Validation Date: Nov 9 2013 8:35 PM - Comment Date: Nov 11 2013 9:34 AM - Customer Name: Maryann Duffy - Customer Email: - Customer City:

We loved the variety of foods and that there were many gluten free offerings. The appetizers were excellent and the entrees very flavorful.

Validation Date: Nov 10 2013 5:22 PM - Comment Date: Nov 10 2013 8:36 PM - Customer Name: Joseph J Orr - Customer Email: - Customer City: Palmyra

Friendly, excellent service. Food was very good.

Validation Date: Nov 2 2013 8:46 PM - Comment Date: Nov 3 2013 8:37 AM - Customer Name: Lisa Zuchowski - Customer Email: - Customer City: Narragansett

we love the garden al fresco dining in back. We take many of our friends here for this experience, as well as the food.

Validation Date: Aug 30 2013 8:16 PM - Comment Date: Aug 31 2013 8:06 AM - Customer Name: Diane Finlay - Customer Email: - Customer City: Pawtucket

We love the back garden where you can dine al fresco! We take many of our friends here for the experience. The food was very good, as usual. I get stuck on the duck dish every time, one day I may finally try something else!

Validation Date: Aug 30 2013 8:16 PM - Comment Date: Aug 31 2013 8:05 AM - Customer Name: Diane Finlay - Customer Email: - Customer City: Pawtucket

Im so full

Validation Date: Aug 12 2013 7:39 PM - Comment Date: Aug 12 2013 8:17 PM - Customer Name: steven melo - Customer Email: - Customer City: attleboro

The food is great, the staff is attentive and the garden with swings is absolutely lovely!

Validation Date: Aug 7 2013 4:35 PM - Comment Date: Aug 8 2013 10:19 AM - Customer Name: Maren Nelson - Customer Email: - Customer City:

The food is great, the service is great and thats why we will come back again, I want to know what kind of rice they use and how they cook it ; )

Validation Date: Aug 2 2013 7:56 PM - Comment Date: Aug 3 2013 7:11 AM - Customer Name: Tammy Sousa - Customer Email: - Customer City:

Great Indian food, nice atmosphere, excellent service.

Validation Date: Aug 1 2013 6:03 PM - Comment Date: Aug 2 2013 6:04 AM - Customer Name: margaret mackenzie - Customer Email: - Customer City: North Attleboro

Fantastic as always! The belly - Fantastic as always! The belly dancer totally makes the experience. Can't wait for patio to open again for season!

2013-01-14 19:45:00 - Unknown - From: Unknown

As always, spectacular food, - As always, spectacular food, eclectic atmosphere, and the roving dancer just made the evening that much more special.

2013-01-14 15:23:00 - Unknown - From: Unknown

Had a great time at India - Had a great time at India - my first visit. The food was superb (naan basket and paneer masala), and our waiter Hasan was attentive. I will return! We ate early - 5:45pm on a Saturday - and it got quite busy as we were leaving, so reservations are recommended!

2013-01-14 13:34:00 - Unknown - From: Unknown

Beautiful small neighborhood - Beautiful small neighborhood restaurant. Delicious food. Belly dancer. Have been here often. When the weather is warm, the outdoor patio is great for drinks.

2013-01-13 20:13:00 - Unknown - From: Unknown

It was lovely to sit beside the fireplace on a chilly winter night. LOVE the candles & the overall ambience!

2013-01-13 18:32:00 - Pamela Adams - From: Cumberland

Service was the best I have had in years, comfy setting and great food

2013-01-10 22:06:00 - MaureenMcGuinness G - From: Charlton

Great service, good food & - Great service, good food & a belly dancer every hour.

2013-01-07 13:43:12 - Chris - From: Unknown

We had a fantastic dinner - We had a fantastic dinner at this restaurant. It was our 1st time here and the whole experience was perfect. We are definitely comming back.

2013-01-06 21:38:45 - Chris - From: Unknown

Happy New Year! - We had heard great things about India Restaurant and decided to celebrate New Year's Eve there with friends. The appetizers we delicious!! We had the spicy mussels, papri chaat, vegetable samosa and lots of Naan. Dinner was just as delicious! We all enjoyed the many different dishes such as the Seafood Mango, Lamb Kabobs, Peppered Duck in Tamarind Curry and the Crab & Shrimp special of the night. Even the kid's pizzas were excellent! The atmosphere and service was outstanding! We all had a great time including our daughters who enjoyed the belly dancing and henna tattoos. We'll definitely be back in the summer to enjoy the beautiful outside patio dining but hope to return several times before then too!!

2013-01-02 13:25:00 - Deb - From: Unknown

We started with the Spicy - We started with the Spicy Steamed Mussels paired with Garlic Naan for an appetizer, both of which were delicious. They weren't too spicy, and there was a lot of broth leftover, so I would recommend ordering multiple sides of Naan to soak up more the juices. I ordered the Peppered Duck in Tamarind Curry, which was phenomenal. The other patrons ordered the Chicken Kabobs and the Lamb Kabobs. I thought the Lamb Kabobs were slightly overcooked (they were not rare as requested) but good nonetheless, and the Chicken Kabobs were delicious as well. Overall, I would highly recommend this restaurant.

2012-12-30 13:25:00 - Jeff - From: Unknown

India is consistently very good. - We love this restaurant. The menu is exciting and the food is always very good. We have a few drinks and split appetizers and entrees. And it's reasonable for the 5 of us.

2012-12-28 18:54:00 - Neal - From: Unknown

Amazing restaurant! It is - Amazing restaurant! It is vegetarian friendly. Great place to bring a romantic date, sit by the fireplace or in the garden in the back and eat. I've been several times and have NEVER been disappointed! The food and staff are all awsome!

2012-12-27 21:13:00 - Sara Lee Silberman - From: Unknown

The day we were there on our - The day we were there on our last visit they were short staffed due to an unanticipated crowd. We went on Christmas day and I can attest it was unanticipated as we have been going there on Christmas for the last 5 days and were floored at the crowd when we arrived. In spite of this the wait staff was very polite/solicitous and the food yummo. Will continue to frequent INDIA

2012-12-27 15:24:00 - Unknown - From: Unknown

excellent Nan bread Good seafood

2012-12-25 21:13:00 - Sandra Pratt - From: Unknown

Lovely atmosphere. Very good food and drinks. Friendly.

2012-12-24 14:12:00 - Sandra Levy - From: Cranston

First time to this restaurant. - First time to this restaurant. Some reviewers have complained that the food is not authentic. I don't know enough about authentic Indian food to tell, but can only say it was delicious. My wife had the mango curry with chicken and I had the chicken kabobs. Both were done perfectly. The Papri Chaat appetizer was also a wonderful treat. Looking forward to going back there again.

2012-12-21 21:54:00 - Unknown - From: Unknown

India is one of my top 3 dining choices. I often dine there with larger parties. We celebrated my sons birthday ther with a party of 12. The staff were professional and personable. The food is always of the highest quality and served at the correct temperature. A model for other dining establishments.

2012-12-06 21:51:00 - Robert Comerford - From: North Providence

always very friendly fresh delicious food beautiful atmosphere family friendly

2012-08-30 23:54:00 - Kathleen Nicini - From: Unknown

Wonderful night out! We enjoyed everything from the service, atmosphere, and great food. Will be back!!

2012-08-30 14:59:00 - Craig A Maillard - From: East Providence

We sat in the outdoor dining area in back....great food, ambiance, and lovely music. Will come back!!

2012-08-27 16:43:00 - Patricia Robinson - From: Norton


2012-08-22 21:41:00 - Brian Cook - From: Lexington

Great food, great service, great atmosphere

2012-08-09 19:45:00 - Graig Angarella - From: Unknown

Great atmosphere, service and food!

2012-08-03 08:02:00 - Krista Nevins- From: Smithfield

Everything I had was very fresh and wonderfully spiced. The mixed drinks were good. The waitress and other servers were very personalble. The atmosphere was wonderful. I sat outside in the back. Beautiful!!!.

2012-08-02 19:58:00 - Toniann Absi - From: Johnston

we loved the outdoor dining area and the music.

2012-07-26 19:48:00 -Patricia Robinson - From: Norton

Excellent food..first waitress was horrible, second one was great... staff knew we were annoyed and sent a freindlier server over

2012-07-23 22:44:00 -Vincent Ferla - From: east greenwich

Excellent hostess, excellent server and service. Walked in and we were very warmly greeted with smiling faces. Felt welcoming, inviting and sensual.

2012-07-22 20:17:00 - Corey Michael Auger - From: WARWICK

Excellent experience. Elegant, immaculate restaurant

2012-07-15 21:36:00 - Charles Michael Blais - From: Lincoln

Duck dish was served with inedible skin on duck meat.

2012-07-05 19:27:00 -Yael Avissar - From: Providence

Burak was excellent!

2012-07-04 05:21:00 - Michael Rodriguez - From: North Kingstown

Ive enjoyed india in the padt... I love the coupons.. helps to enjoy favorites more often.

2012-07-02 19:44:00 - tammy decristo - From: cranston

Best restaurant ever! I could eat there every day!

2012-03-28 12:34:00 - Rebekah Lagergren - From: Unknown

Love the food!!! Yum!!

2012-03-28 20:34:00 - Maureen Britland - From: Swansea

We really like it there!

2012-03-27 07:40:00 - Andrew Roque - From: Unknown

We sat at the bar and the bartender who waited on us was wonderful. The service was great, the bar specials were unbelieveable. We plan to visit again to take advantage of the specials, but would still dine there again even without the specials. The food was unbelievable and the staff very friendly...

2012-03-22 11:48:00 - Diane L Stevenin - From: Smithfield

Love the food, atmosphere, outdoor dining area, henna, and people. One of our favorites!

2012-03-14 21:43:00 - Chris LaChance II - From: Pascoag

Great food and service!

2012-03-12 07:39:00 - Ivelisse Salcedo-garcia - From: Unknown

Our server Tita was wonderful. She is gracious and warm and a wonderful asset.

2012-03-11 21:44:00 - Marc Cohen - From: Providence

We love India! And having the certificates makes it easy to go there often!

2012-03-07 17:30:00 - Diane Finlay - From: Pawtucket

enjoyed dining at India, food was very good

2012-02-27 08:02:00 - Donna M White - From: Fall River

Wanted to try India for a while. The certificate gave me that push. Well worth it and will be returning!

2012-02-16 08:49:00 - Kari Pohl - From:

We went to hear the music, which was excellent. We'd go again, though, for the food. Very good all around.

2012-02-12 20:44:00 - Marion B Falugo - From: Attleboro

We went to hear the music, which was excellent. We'd go again, though, for the food. Very good all around.

2012-02-12 19:11:00 - Marion B Falugo - From:

This was my first experience with Indian food, and I am so glad that I chose India restaurant! The food was beyond delicious and our waiter was outstanding, answered all of my questions, and added to the overall more than positive evening. I would highly recommend this restaurant!!

2012-01-26 06:51:00 - Carol Marsella - From: Johnston

This was my first experience with Indian food, and I am so glad that I chose India restaurant! The food was beyond delicious and our waiter was outstanding, answered all of my questions, and added to the overall more than positive evening. I would highly recommend this restaurant!!

2012-01-26 18:51:00 - Carol Marsella - From: Unknown

We were seated in a beautiful private nook with a fireplace and candles, surrounded by gauzy curtains--spectacular!

2012-01-23 10:10:00 - Cynthia Schoch - From: Unknown

We were seated in a beautiful private nook with a fireplace and candles, surrounded by gauzy curtains--spectacular!

2012-01-23 10:10:00 - Cynthia Schoch - From:

Delicious food and value for the price.

2012-01-22 21:17:00 - Angela B Stone - From: East Greenwich

Always consistently good!

2011-12-30 14:14:00 - Renee Moriarty - From:Unknown

Always consistently good!

2011-12-30 14:14:00 - Renee Moriarty - From: Cumberland

Staff couldn't have been nicer or more accommodating. We loved being seating in a little curtained alcove near a blazing (gas-burner) fire. Other areas of the restaurant are equally as appealing. Even our grandchildren (8 & 12) enjoyed it.

2011-12-22 8:15:00 - Jill Franklin - From: Unknown

Staff couldn't have been nicer or more accommodating. We loved being seating in a little curtained alcove near a blazing (gas-burner) fire. Other areas of the restaurant are equally as appealing. Even our grandchildren (8 & 12)enjoyed it.

2011-12-22 08:14:00 - Jill Franklin - From: Unknown

We had an amazing meal.

2011-12-09 14:51:00 - Marie Dimascolo - From: Unknown

The atmosphere of the restaurant is very warm, comfortable and inviting. The waiters are accommodating and the food and music is superb ! The coffee is excellent !

2011-12-01 21:56:00 - Janis P. DelRicci - From: North Providence

love the decor and soft lighting

2011-11-29 06:59:00 - Linda Richter - From: Westport

We liked Tita... good service but not overbearing.

2011-11-28 21:54:00 - Tania Panasewicz - From: Newport

Great live music. Our friends thoroughly enjoyed the tasty meal and the atmosphere.

2011-11-20 18:04:00 - Terry Wirkerman - From: Unknown

FOOd was fabulous and the service excellent!

2011-11-10 16:16:00 - Diane McCann - From: Seekonk

Best Indian food in the a wide margin!

2011-11-04 10:11:00 - Glen Ilacqua - From: Unknown

Best Indian food in the a wide margin!

2011-11-04 10:11:00 - Glen Ilacqua - From: Unknown

I had been to India a couple of times before and was excited to return .

2011-11-03 23:10:00 - Ronald Patrissi - From: Unknown

The food was delicious! And I love their kids menu too

2011-11-03 19:51:00 - delia wilson - From: cumberland

The food was delicious! And I love their kids menu too

2011-11-03 19:51:00 - Delia Wilson - From: Unknown

India is a delicious restaurant and my husband and I love eating their!

2011-10-31 22:23:00 - Briana Windle - From: Unknown

We love India and will vist there again soon!!

2011-10-31 22:23:00 - Michelle Santaniello - From:

We like to eat out at India, but this visit was primarily motivated by having the gift certificate. I will visit more often if I have this. The service was excellent, and the waiter was very good with the two toddlers in our party.

2011-10-28 10:23:00 - Katie Jourdenais - From: Unknown

Always excellent!

2011-10-26 19:56:00 - Robert W. Shaw - From: Unknown

The food was fabulous. They have wonderful outdoor seating and even dog friendly tables as well as a dog menu! It was an extremely enjoyable dining experience!

2010-08-02 13:56:00 - Jessica Croteau - From: Providence

Great food and atmosphere. Server was great and will definitely come back !

2010-07-30 06:54:00 - Normand R Champigny - From: North Attleboro

Great service, very nice place and good food. We'll be back!

2010-07-29 18:14:00 - Charles Smith - From: Providence

Wonderful atmosphere, attentive and friendly staff.

2010-07-28 22:26:00 - Monica Gerard - From: Cranston

We hadn't been to India for several years. We love the new menu and the comfortable seating. The new emphasis on being family-friendly is lovely too. The main dishes weren't served at the same time, but other than that, everything was excellent.

2010-07-28 19:36:00 - Karen Welser - From: Providence

Awesome restaurant. food and service at its best. We also appreciate coupon. good job...

2010-07-07 12:20:00 - Rahul Dewan - From: Riverside

Our waiter was fabulous & the food was delicious! Great drinks too!!! I will be back!!!

2010-07-02 07:39:00 - Courtney Pereira - From: East Providence

great atmosphere!

2010-07-01 10:04:00 - Erin Dikun - From: Norton

I write this to every restaurant I submit a survey for: try your best to source local/organic/natural products and ingredients. This "green" aspect is good for everybody, including the restaurant's business if they actively promote they source their ingredients in this manner. I prefer to spend my dining dollars at places that practice this type of agricultural sustainability!! More vegetarian/vegan items are always welcome!! I find there is never enough variety for vegetarians and we are usually limited to 1 or 2 menu items. More whole grain options (for pizza, bread, sandwiches, pasta, etc..) would also be great!! They are a healthy alternative to the processed white flour normally used and I would much prefer to go to a restaurant with whole grain options on their menu!!! (not sure if any recipes/bread products were 100% whole grain?)

2010-04-26 07:47:00 - Christopher A. Hopkins - From: Swansea

Great fresh, healthy food.

2010-04-21 19:51:00 - Joanna Sherry - From: Warwick

I enjoy going to INDIA because the food the friendliness and the service of the employees! I would recommend INDIA to anyone that enjoy GREAT INDIAN FOOD!

2010-04-08 20:11:00 - Robert Martell - From: Fall River

Though restaurant is great. The gift cupon is almost of no use as we are made to order more than what we need and pay higer tips and taxes. cupon does not compensate the higher cost of total bill. i wouldnt use this cupon again as it has lot of other restrictions.

2010-04-02 06:19:00 - Vadiraja B Narasimha - From: Norton

The atmosphere and food was great!!! Will go more often with the offer from Thank You

2010-04-01 10:30:00 - Sara Carreiro - From: Somerset

Tita was really friendly and the food was amazing as always!

2010-03-30 20:39:00 - Michael Dow - From: RI

The service, food, atmosphere was awesome. I will be back

2010-03-10 08:23:00 - Carolyn - From: So Attleboro

This is one of our favorite restaurants -- a serene environment and delicious food!

2010-03-08 19:40:00 - Donna Figueroa - From: Cranston

We enjoyed the restaraunt and will come back.

2010-03-07 21:56:00 - Douglas Caverly - From: Quincy

India does such a good job at making it's customers feel special. We are always amazed at the quality of server. We love to try new foods and India does such a good job of explaining the dishes on the menu and helping us make our selections. To top it all off, the decor is so relaxing and cozy in the winter but we've also enjoyed dining in the covered porch area and watching Hope Street go by in the Summer.

2010-03-05 12:01:00 - Patricia E Chmura - From: Smithfield

India provided a great atmosphere and the food was great. Our waitress may have been the kindest and friendliest waitress I've ever had. I will recommend India to everyone.

2010-03-02 08:01:00 - John - From: North Smithfield

Food at India is great! service was slow, but the meal made up for it.

2010-03-02 07:13:00 - Michael Mikolajczak - From: Johnston

Very nice meal - the duck was excellent!

2010-03-01 06:41:00 - Robert Miles - From: West Greenwich

Tita was our server and she was wonderful. We love the food at India and look forward to our next visit.

2010-02-24 21:28:00 - Audrey Samara - From: Cranston

Terrific atmosphere, friendly service, and attractive prices. Could offer a better wine 'by the glass' selection.

2010-02-10 10:15:00 - ROBERT TEVYAW - From: PROVIDENCE

Service was good but food was average.

2010-02-08 20:04:00 - Nichole Honauer - From: Cranston

Good food, excelent service and nice atmosfere. My wife and I realy enjoyed the dinner. Thanks, JG

2010-01-30 21:30:00 - JOHN GOMES - From: PAWTUCKET

We love the food, drinks and ambiance at India! We plan to visit again soon. The certificate is a bonus for us.

2010-01-27 18:13:00 - Janet Gallagher - From: Wrentham

jazz was great!

2010-01-27 06:42:00 - Diane Lafrenaye - From: Woonsocket

India is a beautiful restaurant with great food and courteous staff. We always enjoy our dining there!

2010-01-25 17:12:00 - Paula T Poole - From: Rumford

The food quality at India is great and consistant. I hope they stay on as the prices would be too high if not. This might be one of the best Indian Restaurants in Providence as it has a good theme inside and the food is great. The service is quick and asertive. They all know whats on the menue and are well trained to assist you in making a choice.

2010-01-04 11:07:00 - Alexander Flack - From: Providence

Dear Ajay: Thank you for attending the Providence Alumni Holiday Reception held last week at the Providence Marriott. Our plan is for this to be a yearly tradition to reconnect with alumni and to celebrate the holiday season. A special thank you to the various restaurants and beverage companies that provided a tasting of their specialties. It is always a pleasure to showcase the many talents of our fellow JWU alumni.

2009-12-15 22:00:00 - JWU Alumni - From: Rhode Island

Just wanted to thank you for a wonderful party for my husband.Everyone had a great time and had nothing but compliments for the atmosphere, the food, the waitstaff, and entertainment. I would certainly have another event at your restaurant, Thanks again for accommodating all of us!

2009-11-03 12:25:55 - Kristin Smiley - From: New York

I knew about the restaurant from a JWU event they had there. Because of the times the gift card was the only way we could eat there and get a great meal. The food was amazing and look forward to eating there again.

2009-10-19 15:05:00 - Alexander Flack - From: Providence

Everything here is fantastic beyond words....the food, the service, the atmosphere, etc......!!!

2009-10-17 20:00:00 - Debbie Anderson - From: Providence

Servers were attentive and helpful. Menu was well done (explanation of differances in flavors, etc.) which is a nice addition when going to an ethnic restaurant. Would recommend India to friends.

2009-10-16 09:46:00 - Nancy Laska - From: Cranston

I've been a fan of India since there was one in downtown Providence, where I am employed. Good food, nice atmosphere, good service!

2009-10-08 20:45:00 - Phyllis Sprague - From: Cranston

Tita was a joy. The food was perfect.

2009-10-06 04:31:00 - Stuart Rosenblatt - From: South Attleboro

Not by best experience at India. Our server left in the middle of our meal. We waited about twenty minutes for our check, and we weren't sure who was taking care of us at that point. Kind of a disappointment. India is one of my favorite restaurants so I will definitely return, just a little let down with the service this time.

2009-09-24 07:51:00 - Kyle H Castillo - From: Cranston

The waiter kept my change. Got many of the orders wrong. Was absent a good part of the time. Food was very good.

2009-09-24 04:12:00 - Bonnie Yoder - From: Providence

will definetely dine there again

2009-09-22 00:11:00 - Suzanne M Bigelow - From: Bellingham

Jazz music was great! Great atmosphere.

2009-09-21 08:10:00 - Diane Lafrenaye - From: Woonsocket

It was such a pleasure to meet you at Wildcat Wednesday on September 2. India Restaurant with the beautiful outdoor patio/garden was a perfect setting for the event. The food was spectacular and the staff was so very accommodating. All our alumni were so impressed with the restaurant and very appreciative of your support. The Metro Providence Alumni Chapter members have asked if we might be able to hold the next Wildcat Wednesday on October 7 at India. Please let me know and I will be sure to place the event on the alumni web site. Thank you for your hospitality and kindness. Let me know if I can be of any help to you. Regards, Meredith F. Brassil Manager of Alumni Relations, Northeast Region Johnson & Wales University

2009-09-08 10:35:00 - Meredith F. Brassil - From: Providence

Dear India, The party was absoultey wonderful due to the kind efforts of yourselfves and your amazing staff!! The guests were so pleased, and impressed with everything. I mean everything! Staff, food, service, the relaxed ambience of the back room. .. The henna, belly dancing, nothing less than extraordinary! They couldn't say enough nor could I! Hopefully good things came from the party and you got some repeat guests as customers. Many, many, thanks! A great time was had by all! Except for that monkey thing! Just kidding. Forever grateful, & cheers M

2009-09-07 10:35:00 - Michelle Gaudencio - From: Providence

Hello India Restaurant, I wanted to thank you for hosting our fundraising event at India Restaurant last Thursday. Our event was so well attended and we raised over $1,500. It was our best cocktails for a cause event ever! You and your staff were so friendly, courteous and very accomodating. Everyone i spoke to raved about the food. We stayed for dinner, and I have to agree, the food was outstanding! Thank you so much for your support! Bella Garcia Special Events Coordinator Alzheimer's Association - RI Chapter 245 Waterman Street, Suite 306 Providence, RI 02906 Register today for Memory Walk 2009 October 4, 2009 or

2009-08-17 16:47:00 - Bella Garcia - From: Providence

The food and service were excellent. The presentation was also attractive. We had a great experience!

2009-08-02 21:23:00 - Larry A Masselink - From: Whitinsville

I was very impressed with the restaurant. The food was wonderful and the service great. I will definitely go back again.

2009-07-21 18:45:00 - Kristen Martin - From: Burrillville

Great atmosphere!

2009-07-17 09:02:00 - Kendra Pladl - From: Unknown

We loved our meal and especially eating outside. The atmosphere couldn't have been better and the service was great. We enjoyed our variety Naan basket and I loved the green tea/ginger "smoothie". Our only suggestion would be that the Angus Beef kabob dinner really should not be called kabob, but some other name with an indication that it is ground beef patties, and also saying it is quite spicy. My 13 year old though she was getting plain beef-on-skewer, and was a bit dissapointed when she ended up with three large patties instead. On the plus side the portion was very generous, the sweet potatoes excellent and the salad was fantastic--a great blend of textures, colors and flavours. Bottom line: we'll be back!

2009-06-05 12:29:00 - Carol E. Drewes - From: Providence

I was introduced to India by a friend in Providence. I found and saw that you participated and decided to purchase the certificate. The food, service, and atmosphere is awesome. Thank you.

2009-05-15 16:47:00 - Jane Mello - From: Fall River

excellent food, service and atmosphere.

2009-04-15 11:01:00 - diane - From: wakefield

We love it here. We'd come no matter what. The certificates are a plus during tough economic times.

2009-04-14 09:08:00 - Linda Parente - From: Greenville

The atmosphere was perfect for a quiet night out. The restaurant was pretty slow, but it was a Tuesday night. Food was quite good and the waitstaff was excellent and provided insightful advice regarding the menu.

2009-03-04 13:55:00 - Seth Holbrook - From: West Warwick

What a wonderful meal! Our server Suresh was so nice! Thank You!

2009-02-27 12:52:00 - Ashley Keenan - From: Wakefield

Nice decor, friendly, efficient waitstaff and a menu that combines traditional indian food with some slightly exotic departures. All in all, a great meal.

2009-02-26 15:27:00 - Thomas M. Jackson - From: Unknown

We travel from NH to RI at least once a month to eat at the India Restaurant. The entire dining experience is outstanding!!!

2009-02-19 16:49:00 - Debbie Anderson - From: Derry

It was especially wonderful because it was warm and inviting inside. (to many restaurants keep it cold)

2009-01-08 22:05:00 - Monica Thomas - From: Rehoboth

Entrees were skillfully presented, with perfect temps. Food had great flavor and tasted very fresh.

0000-00-00 00:00:00 - Ed Sullivan - From: Providence

Server was very pleasant. Very satisfied. Thank you!