India Restaurant Located at
1060 Hope Street, Providence, RI, 02906, US.
Phone: (401) 421 2600
Directions: 1060 Hope Street, Providence, RI. 02906   Hours of Operation   Phone: (401) 421 2600    Fax: 401-278-2000   Email:
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Relax! Let India do the work…you just take the credit and 'Add Spice to Your Guests Life'

We offer three economical ways to treat your friends without breaking the bank…

Full Service Buffet Brunch $13.95 pp
Sat & Sun Buffet Brunch includes 2 COMPLIMENTARY Carafes of Mango Lassi or Hot / Iced Tea when there are ten or more guest in the party
Casual Affair @ Our Bar/Lounge $9.95 pp
Treat your friends to an assortment of our popular appetizers (Samosa, Chicken Kabob, Paapri Chaat & Salad) with Cash Bar Treat 10 friends for $100