India Restaurant Located at
1060 Hope Street, Providence, RI, 02906, US.
Phone: (401) 421 2600
Directions: 1060 Hope Street, Providence, RI. 02906   Hours of Operation   Phone: (401) 421 2600    Fax: 401-278-2000   Email:
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Bargain Bar Menu


turnovers stuffed with potatoes, green peas, herbs & spices

indian style nachos with chickpeas, onions, cilantro yogurt & tamarind chutney. Our most popular appetizer!

marinated chicken tenders char grilled to perfection

seasoned with fresh ginger, cilantro and lemon

a yogurt soup with juliennes of cucumber, mint and cilantro

soft flat white bread baked to order.
choice of : garlic, onion, ginger & honey, pesto, chili & cilantro, hot vindaloo

grilled potato patty topped with mint chutney and chick peas

four tiger shrimp marinated & char grilled

topped with portabella mushrooms, pesto, and mozzarella

with pineapple, orange, cranberries, cashews & glazed walnut in a mango dressing

chick peas, green peas, green peppers, sliced banana, onions, tomatoes, potatoes & cilantro in a tangy tamarind dressing

kale, cucumbers, onions, tomatoes, chick peas in a cusabi dressing topped with macedoine of paneer & dried papaya

grilled chicken tenders tossed over our spinach salad
served with vegtable samosas, papri chat, and kale salad   $4.99 

served in a spicy broth with garlic, lemon and spices

on naan bread served with side of kale salad
  • Sirloin Steak Kabob
  • Grilled Portabella
  • Grilled Paneer
  • Grilled Chicken Kabob

33% off all entrées when you dine in! Every Tuesday beginning at 4pm.

Enjoy a bottle of wine, an appetizer, and two entrées. $39.95 Sunday-Thursday, all day long.

Free temporary, all natural tattoos by a henna artist. Great for girls and kids night out! Friday and Saturday evenings.
Enjoy appetizers, breads, salad and sandwiches at our bar any time of the day at bargain prices when you purchase a $5 beverage (see our bar menu).    
Offering an extensive selection - Grilled veggies, chicken entrées, vegetarian entrées, chef’s special of the day, soup, salad, fresh fruit, basmati rice, dessert, mango chutney, yogurt raita and mixed pickles. (11-3pm)
Belly dancing while you dine in. Friday and Saturday evenings, beginning at 7:30pm.
Order online at and we’ll deliver to your doorstep!
Offering 15 of our most popular menu items. $13.95 per person, from 11-3pm.
Bring your work to lunch...
Available to add some spice to your friends and family.